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Well, the Olympics are over, and I’m sad that they are. But I really am pleased with how they went. It was nice to be on ally soil for an Olympics, and even though I’m USA all the way, I’m proud of Great Britain for what they pulled off this year. They made so much history and reached goals that they have been striving for for decades. Everyone always asks what my favorite event is. I have to say I always enjoy gymnastics, but this year it was the volleyball and swimming that got me out off my couch. I was right in front of the TV yelling at the athletes. My boyfriend got quite annoyed I have to say, but he did the same thing during wrestling, boxing, and basketball. I call it fair. I especially love Michael Phelps. He has done some wrong things in his past, but I believe that he has realized his mistakes and will never do it again, if he’s smart. He has smashed so many records and made so many of his own that he will be remembered long after he retires. I hope he hasn’t, but then again, I’m okay with it. As my boyfriend put it, he’s making a wise choice to go out while he’s on top and not giving himself a chance to be remembered as the one that was somebody. I loved the entire event though. I don’t ever remember watching so much of it, but I’m happy with the result. Happy Reading!



Early School Year

Why in the world does the school year start so early nowadays? It used to start after Labor Day and end at the same time. But it starts at the beginning of August now? Why would they do that now? Especially when kids are even more not into school. Go figure. But my life depends upon the school year, and I feel like my summer got cut short. It’s not fair! But we go to school so early it’s like our summer is being ripped away. They actually start on Thursday, and my cousin actually started on the first. School is getting so competitive that it isn’t funny, yet the kids don’t care. They say the class that is graduating this year is the last good class. And I see it. None of the younger classes have any respect for anyone, not even themselves. It’s sad to say but it’s true. And it’s also scary that these will be the ones ruling America when we’re older. I don’t want that time to come but it’s inevitable. Happy Reading!

Maroon 5

I recently discovered that I really like these guys. They really have a lot of good songs now that I have listened to more of their music. They have good messages in most of their songs. They really keep me entertained with their music and crazy ideas for videos. But they really do a good job. A lot of people say that Adam Levine is cocky and thinks he’s a hot shot, but he really doesn’t. When he’s by himself, he’s one of the most humble people I have ever known. Their music makes me feel happy or sad. It can always fit my emotion, no matter what it is. I remember watching them on the Today Show and saying, I like these guys. Now whenever I’m bored, I go to YouTube and watch their channel. It keeps me company during the day. I really like their upbeat music because it makes me happy, and I like their slow music because I can compare most of the stories to my life. If I feel bad, I put them on and soon feel better. I love it! Happy Reading!

The Dark Knight Rises

I went to the midnight premiere and it was amazing. I loved the movie. Except for the fact that they left the end open for another and there won’t be. But I have loved Batman all of my life. I remember my shelf in my room when I was little had a bunch of different Batman’s lined up. I grew up on it because I though it was the best thing ever as compared to Barbie. Pink is yucky. But his movie really surprised me as far as the plot went. I had high expectations, and they were crushed, but met in another way. The movie is slow compared to the others, but it is fast paced as far as making you think about what is really going on. It was perfect in design, but not what I expected. Many probably went in with the same expectations I did. Don’t expect a lot, you will be amazed anyway. It was a great movie in every way and you feel satisfied at the end yet ready for more. Many would like it if they liked the first two in the trilogy. Bane was very scary and he played a good part. Catwoman was also amazing. She really filled her part well.  The only part that made me angry was that Alfred left. He was just so scared, but the end satisfied the loss. Go see it! It’s great! Happy Reading!


Man in the Mirror

This my favorite song ever. It was released on my birthday so I think it was meant to be in some way. The message behind it is just astounding. If only the world could really work that way. People need to worry about changing themselves before they can worry about changing everything around them. The world can be a very cruel place and some people do not understand what is really happening around them. Many are ignorant to the things that are in their surroundings. They never really know what is going on outside of their own life. That is what this song is trying to say. That people need to focus on what is really happening with themselves because if they change who they are inside them they can help others do the same. If everyone were to do this then the world would be a less cruel place. There is so much bad stuff that happens, and no one does anything about even though they all complain about it. They don’t do anything because they are so scared to step out of their own lives to help change another’s that they barely give anything a second thought. Michael Jackson understood how important this was, no matter how much people make fun of him or try to say things that aren’t true. He knew that the world could be a better place but that for a difference to be made, you need to start with yourself. Make that change. Happy Reading!



Okay, this has to be one of my favorite movies. I love the idea if a suspended reality and I cannot help but love this idea of playing around in dreams. The only part I didn’t like was the end. Does the thing ever fall over? It teeter totters, but doesn’t fall completely. So is he dreaming or is he awake? That is the only part that I can’t stand. But I love to mess with the people who watch it with me. If we are talking and don’t remember how the conversation started, I ask them if they’re dreaming. It really confuses them and I love it. The idea of being able to do something like this is amazing. Dreams do give ideas, but we may or may not act on them. Dreams are a way that many people escape. I try to remember the good old days in my dreams, but usually end up repeating dreams from when I was little from which I wake up laughing so hard I can barely breathe. The movie messes with the mind and causes people to fear sleep for a couple of days. When I watched this movie is when my reoccurring nightmare started. Go figure. But it’s just amazing. The way it is filmed and the ideas that it holds are just simply awe-inspiring. The imagination that it took to creat this was astounding, and they did a marvelous job. But is it a book, I’m curious? Happy Reading!


Reoccurring Nightmares

Scary things they are. I’ve had only two in my life. One when I was little and one right now. I wake up crying and clinging to whatever I can because I’m trying to keep something that they are trying to take away from me. It’s all very scary and I just don’t know what to say about it. I feel like a child that needs comfort from a parent. I can’t even describe the feeling that it leaves me with when I wake up. My dreamcatcher has been there for me since the first reoccurring one, but now it’s not working and I don’t understand it. I had another one last night.  I want them to stop but I don’t know how. Sleep is now a scary place. When I was little, I got over it by staying awake all night to make sure it didn’t come true. But with this one it is impossible to do that. The first was in my house. This one is in a made up place. How do you get rid of one of these? I don’t know what to do. I have eczema around my eyes that is getting worse every night that this goes on. It needs to stop now. I talk as though this has been going on for weeks, but it’s only been three days and I can’t take it anymore. Happy Reading!

The Lion King

Okay now. It’s a random day. This has got to be my favorite movie. I love the music, the story, everything about it. For Christmas a couple of years ago, my parents actually got me tickets to go see the Broadway production. I loved it. It was amazing. I love it especially when you go to watch something, and it appears so real and lifelike that you forget where you really are. That kind of feeling is awesome. Simba is my favorite, but it is so hard to find things with Simba! It’s frustrating. I look forward to a re-release because I know it becomes popular and common for a period of time. Last night, I was reading a book (how predictable) and I stopped reading to sing along with The Circle of Life. Awesome music. Elton John is certainly a genius. People don’t give him enough credit if you ask me. I think you all know I’m a Disney freak, so maybe that explains it, but The Lion King isn’t just a movie to me. I can’t really explain it. Everyone has a movie that they watch before a big game to pump them up. This is my pump up movie for life. It makes me happy. If I don’t have time for the movie at least once a month, I listen to the soundtrack that I finally invested in for $8 (actually I finally found it, no matter the price). Love it! A bloody book tomorrow, so stay tuned my friends! Happy Reading!


Ummm. . . PENGUINS!

Okay! It’s my random day! Four days on a book, then a day to unwind and make myself laugh. But what to talk about? I’m at a loss for words right now. . . Oh! I’ve got it! I’ll explain my obsession with penguins. Some of you may have been attacked by a penguin on your blog, meaning I visited it. I am goodbookdiscussion and Angel, in case any of you are lost. I think my love for the swimming birds started on a trip to the San Francisco Zoo. We stopped for a long time at the penguin exhibit. I couldn’t walk away from the cute little critters. On subsequent trips, the same thing happened. I mean, I love animals, and my favorite is the cheetah, but how many zoos have one? The only one I know of is Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, and that was eras ago. But penguins are everywhere. I got a penguin keychain when I finally realized my silly obsession. Last Christmas, my dad got me these little penguin figurines all in different hats, scarves, and positions. Adorable! And then my boyfriend made it worse. He’s a great guy that loves to make me laugh. He’s fond of those “When I grow up I wanna be a. . . ” jokes. When we first stared talking again after many years apart because of school changes early on in life, one of the first things he said to me was, “When I grow up I wanna be a. . . penguin! Quack, quack!” Okay I didn’t get it either, but it was funny. So if ever I need to laugh, he brings up penguins. People all have their thing. Mine is penguins and his is (I kid you not) rubber duckies. What a day in the life. Tomorrow I will be trying to decipher a book I just finished, and I need your help. If you have ever heard of Billy Budd or understand Herman Melville, PLEASE VISIT TOMORROW! I don’t get it at all. Happy Reading!