Too many good characters died at the end of this book for me to be happy at all. It’s just so annoying when authors kill off many good characters that people loved. It makes any subsequent books seem unreadable without their presence. To see some of them gone is like losing part of a family that you never had. It is something that you can’t ever get used to and it is so sad because there is also no escape from it. Everyone has to deal with it even if they do not want to. I hated losing my grandmother, but to lose my mother was even harder. Death is a guaranteed part of life, but it is the part that many are afraid to have to cope with. I will not say who died because I have decided that I don’t want to give anything away for people who haven’t read it yet. But I will say that I am sad to see most of the ones that did go go. I will say since many have asked me that none of the main three are gone. I mean Will, Elliot, and Chester. I won’t say anything about anyone else though. It’s still sad. Happy Reading!