Now that we know so much about these creatures it is very difficult to like them at all. They are creepy and evil and yucky all at the same time. It is sad that they considered that Elliot might have been one of them. The hardest part to understand is the actually means of reproduction that they have. To be part bug is probably the creepiest thing I have ever heard of. And to be able to do it to so many at the same time, it is simply incredible. They are incredible creatures, but scary at the same time. The Phase is the oddest thing that these creatures have done yet. So if they can’t clear people out enough to be able to take over, they use them to lay their eggs and as a food source. Gross beyond all reason. And to think of the innocent people who never knew what was coming and the fact that they were so Dark Lit that they never had a chance of fighting back or even against what was happening to them. And even if this failed, the Armagi would take place? It’s as though their plan was foolproof and would follow through either way. Scary to think of what this would be like if it was real at all….. And that there would be no more people…. Happy Reading!