Well, the Olympics are over, and I’m sad that they are. But I really am pleased with how they went. It was nice to be on ally soil for an Olympics, and even though I’m USA all the way, I’m proud of Great Britain for what they pulled off this year. They made so much history and reached goals that they have been striving for for decades. Everyone always asks what my favorite event is. I have to say I always enjoy gymnastics, but this year it was the volleyball and swimming that got me out off my couch. I was right in front of the TV yelling at the athletes. My boyfriend got quite annoyed I have to say, but he did the same thing during wrestling, boxing, and basketball. I call it fair. I especially love Michael Phelps. He has done some wrong things in his past, but I believe that he has realized his mistakes and will never do it again, if he’s smart. He has smashed so many records and made so many of his own that he will be remembered long after he retires. I hope he hasn’t, but then again, I’m okay with it. As my boyfriend put it, he’s making a wise choice to go out while he’s on top and not giving himself a chance to be remembered as the one that was somebody. I loved the entire event though. I don’t ever remember watching so much of it, but I’m happy with the result. Happy Reading!