The dark light is one of the scariest things I have ever read about. I would hate to have something planted into my mind and have no control over it and never remember any of it. It is a scary concept and to have it in your mind with no escape. Will was affected in a way that left him wanting to jump to his death. Drake had a lot of it in him, but because of his logical mind, he was able to escape it in a way, or at least block it out. Mrs. Burrows had it the worst though. She had been so affected that she had become an entirely different person, or organism. She was able to sense things that she never had before, and smell things she never could have imagined. If anything had been horrible about her before, it was all replaced by her new super skill. She had found a way to block the evil and was finally successful in making something of herself which she greatly enjoyed and was very proud of. The Styx could have never imagined what it did to her, and they probably considered themselves a failure after finding out. She was the only Topsoiler to have ever beaten them at their own game. But she was incredibly lucky that the Second Officer took her in. Without his help, she never would have survived or made it back to the surface and her family. Happy Reading!