Bartleby and Colly are just awesome. If I could  have a cat I  would pick something like this. I like dogs a lot better, but they are like cats and dogs combined. They are very smart and very sensitive to their environments, and I believe they are probably the best crossbreed there could have been. I love that they can come in different colors. It makes them even more unique. I’m sure that if they were real, they would be quite beautiful creatures even though them are hairless. The description of them reminds me of an Egyptian cat. They are hairless but they are sleek. They are loyal like any pet would be, but they do have a wild side. They are a fearless creature that would protect their companions to what ever lengths they had to go. They are so adorable and friendly, they are kind of like another type of human. These creatures feel emotion and they are even able to express it in their own ways. Without these creatures, Will may not be alive. He owes his life to Bartleby for saving him from the Stalkers. I love these animals, even if they are made up! Happy Reading!