This would be a scary concept to try to wrap your head around. But, in reality it is impossible. But it would still be amazing to know that when things left the Earth’s surface, they had somewhere to go. It would be nice to know that animals like the Quagga and Dinosaurs had somewhere to go and didn’t actually go extinct. The idea of knowing that you are the last of your kind is very scary. Knowing when you die there will be no more ever because that is how it was meant to be. But why did a large group of people go to the center? I’m asked that question a lot by others that have read the series. The reason is very simple though. A large group of the german army was sent underground to find a way to come up underneath London and take the city by force. The only reason that they are still there is because radio frequencies don’t carry that far and they didn’t know when to surface, so they just decided to live there. It was a genius plan that had a minor glitch and totally failed. But the fact that they are at the disposal of the Rebeccas is a terrifying idea. They were the most ruthless army to walk the Earth, and the Limiters are the most ruthless army ever, so they have the two most powerful armies ever to go after Will. And what does will have? Himself, his dad, his kitty, and his secret weapon, Elliot. If she wanted to take out a large part of the army, I’m sure she could. All by herself. Happy Reading!