Well now we’re in deep, really deep. Dr. Burrows, Will, Elliot, and Bartleby have found their way down to the Garden of the Second Sun. It’s basically like Journey to the Center of the Earth.  But everything that is no longer on the surface of the Earth is now here in the middle.  Uh oh. And the Rebeccas have now found the most ruthless soldiers to walk the Earth, the rest of the German army from World War II. This is almost like handing them a new army of Limiters, even though they have an army of  them now. They are now armed and dangerous. Plus they have Mrs. Burrows, who has retreated deep into herself because of the Dark Light. She has escaped what is around her, but she is still alive.  But Drake was saved by a Styx claiming to be Elliot’s father. He has agreed to help Drake in anything that he needs to do to make sure that they succeed in stopping the virus from surfacing and save all the ones they care about. And Chester finally made it Topsoil again! But then Martha bonks him on the head and hides him in a closet. She has found him to be a replacement in Chester for her son Nathaniel. But they are all in trouble for now. Happy Reading!