Why in the world does the school year start so early nowadays? It used to start after Labor Day and end at the same time. But it starts at the beginning of August now? Why would they do that now? Especially when kids are even more not into school. Go figure. But my life depends upon the school year, and I feel like my summer got cut short. It’s not fair! But we go to school so early it’s like our summer is being ripped away. They actually start on Thursday, and my cousin actually started on the first. School is getting so competitive that it isn’t funny, yet the kids don’t care. They say the class that is graduating this year is the last good class. And I see it. None of the younger classes have any respect for anyone, not even themselves. It’s sad to say but it’s true. And it’s also scary that these will be the ones ruling America when we’re older. I don’t want that time to come but it’s inevitable. Happy Reading!