This whole series is full of girls that do things many others would not. Rebecca(s) for one. She raised a family that wasn’t even hers and seemed to have no problem with it. And then she became the leader of her race when she was next in line. She’s too young to be that powerful that early in her life. Amazing though. And the fact that everyone listens to her and does absolutely everything she says. And then there’s Sarah. She had literally been running for her life for years, and they could never find her. She always knew what to do and how to do it to avoid being caught. Then she goes to work for the ones that were chasing her all those years? But she spites them by giving her life to throw the twins over the edge of the Pore. She was brave, and had always been there for her children. Then of course, Celia Burrows is showing her tough side. She is determined to solve the mystery of her missing family on her own since no one else is looking elsewhere. She is getting ready to start searching, and she is training herself and acting in a way that she never has before. She is an angry Mommy, and she will find what is hers. And finally, the ultimate tough girl, Elliot. She always goes first, she sets the traps, she kills the Limiters, and she calls the shots. You would think that the boys had a problem being bossed around by a girl, but not Elliot. She carries herself in a way that is commanding yet not superior. She orders them around all the time in a way that convinces them she is helping them survive, and she is. Elliot rules and everybody loves her. Even if they don’t like her orders sometimes. Happy Reading!