It’s interesting to watch all the loose ends come together in this book. Dr. Burrows is picked up by the Rebeccas, Celia is getting a move on for once in her life, and Will and Chester are trying to take care of Elliot. But also working behind the scenes is the great Drake. His ultimate mission is to stop the spread of the Dominion virus. So far, he has done a bang up job of it. Literally. And the Coprolites are getting active. They don’t want to be part of the Styx’s evil doings anymore. They don’t want to be the workers for them, knowing that when they are done they will be killed. Bartleby is finally connecting with Will also. It’s great that everyone is getting along finally. I think the only thing that was ever wrong with Chester is that he blamed Will for him being down there, and rightly so. But it’s better that he was forgiven than continuing to be blamed for everything. Martha is kind of creepy too. She is helpful, but she doesn’t have everything together. But she is upset. It is understandable though. It’s ok that she misses Nat, but she may think that the boys are him coming back to her. That would be creepier than anything. But at least stories are coming together and there aren’t as many storylines to follow. Happy Reading!