Cal certainly with down with some glory. He had always been that annoying, cocky little brat that annoyed everyone and got them in trouble. But, after the sugar trap, he certainly became a different person. Everyone saw the change in him because he knew that he had to work to survive and not be left behind. It was all his own willpower. It was awesome that he brought himself back to mobility. He was very brave for trying to keep up with everyone and was doing a pretty good job. And he had gotten so see his mother one last time. She was so proud of them and was amazed that Will actually cared about her. But all of this being different compared to what she thought was no surprise because she suspected the Styx had been feeding her lies. Cal was so scared when the Styx cornered them at the Pore. He just wanted to go home. But really, there was no home left to go to. He was trying to save his brother. But who would have predicted that he would have fallen into the Pore? Or that his kitty would try to follow him like a faithful companion would? And that this would consequentially carry all of them into oblivion? No one, not even Elliot. But then Sarah took the Rebeccas over the edge. That was added surprise, but still unpredictable. But Cal’s determination and spirit will be missed. Happy Reading!