Now they are falling. But where are they falling to? Dr. Burrows was onto something right before he fell into the Pore. They were headed for the Garden of the Second Sun. Well, eventually. First they have some adventures down the Pore. But with the virus on the surface, no where is safe. The Rebecca twins are a scary and spiteful duo that are going  to make life horrible for Will and his companions. The loss of Drake will paralyze most of them but only for a short while. Elliot was the most effected but she hid it well. Will was terrified from his actions, but little do they know that they have no reason to be sad. Sarah also did the last good thing she could for her boys because she knew the truth. She did not die not knowing what really happened to Tam because her boys told her. With the loss of Cal, Will will be distraught for a while. It seems that he loses everyone around him and it is his fault, when it actually isn’t. Chester finally forgave him for reasons that he can’t understand, but the important part is that it is done. And then there’s Bartylby. What a good kitty. I personally can’t stand cats, but I think he would be cool to have around because he’s more like a dog than any cat I know. Happy Reading!