I recently discovered that I really like these guys. They really have a lot of good songs now that I have listened to more of their music. They have good messages in most of their songs. They really keep me entertained with their music and crazy ideas for videos. But they really do a good job. A lot of people say that Adam Levine is cocky and thinks he’s a hot shot, but he really doesn’t. When he’s by himself, he’s one of the most humble people I have ever known. Their music makes me feel happy or sad. It can always fit my emotion, no matter what it is. I remember watching them on the Today Show and saying, I like these guys. Now whenever I’m bored, I go to YouTube and watch their channel. It keeps me company during the day. I really like their upbeat music because it makes me happy, and I like their slow music because I can compare most of the stories to my life. If I feel bad, I put them on and soon feel better. I love it! Happy Reading!