Will got lost in the lava tubes. What an idiot. Why would you keep going with your light on? I’m not mad that he kept going to avoid the Styx, but he kept his light on. They could see the light, so keep it off silly. He should have figured. But to be that lost and without supplies would be terrifying.  I can’t imagine being that lost. It would be terrifying as I can imagine. Just going into the house os mirrors and not being able to find my way through would give me a panic attack. He was thirsty and he was hungry, but he had nothing with him. It also shows how strong and determined he was about everything to be able to go on. At least he finally found Chester on the bank. It was at the last moment for him. But to be lost like that would be awful. I can’t imagine not being able to get through and be completely in the dark. That is when your imagine takes over and plays all sorts of tricks on you. There is nothing that can compare. The fear that would come with it would be unbearable, but Will did the right thing. He stayed calm for the most part and was always able to keep himself moving forward because he knew it was the only way that he would survive. Happy Reading!