This guy is really cool. He always seems to know what is going on around him. He is smart and knows  how to stay out of trouble. His story is very tragic though. Drake was a Topsoil scientist that was kidnapped by the Styx to help them create new items for the good of the Colony. He is the one that made the light orbs, so he is obviously a very smart man. Once they were through with him, he was banished. However, being such a clever person means that he ended up with the upper hand. Drake is the Uncle Tam of the Deeps. He is a savior and a genius that knows what to avoid from years of experience and help from others. He has many connections Topsoil and goes there often to hear word but never stays long enough to attract attention. He has developed many defense mechanisms to stay safe from the Styx and any other dangers he may encounter. Drake may not like having to help the biggest danger he’s come across and his best friend and his little brother through the Deeps now, but he is doing it because they are not unlike him and without him they will get themselves into trouble that they may not be able to get out of. They need him as much as he needs them to help him in his journey to find out what is really going on underground, and above. The five of them make an odd group, but most don’t need the others to function, just to work. But Drake is their leader, and without him, they may be lost, but only temporarily. Happy Reading!