Wow. These women both fight hard for what they have. They equally love their child, but they both the other has no right over them when they actually have equal. One bore him, and the other raised him. But to look at everything, they come up equal. Sarah is very sensitive to the environment, and with her mad fighting skills, she can get along pretty well. However, she is too easy to set off. She has trouble controlling her temper. Celia is very observant, and with her secret temper can usually fend for herself. But, she is a little oblivious to the important things around her. This leaves her vulnerable to outside influence. Overall, both women are good mothering candidates. Sarah would perhaps be a little more hostile and controlling of her young children. Celia would be a lot more lax and let her children do what they want. She never quite paid attention to her kids when they were growing up, but she was there. Sarah did leave Cal behind to save the oldest, but she did have to give him up. But if you think about she never actually left him. She was always there somewhere sometimes. But we’ll see who wins in the end….. Happy Reading!