The second book in the series lives up to its name. It’s an awesome read that opens new doors. I’m still in the process of rereading it, so if I get facts wrong, I apologize in advance. I do know that Sarah is finally on the move and is on the hunt for her rambunctious children who are running around underground. Will’s sister, “Rebecca,” is now the leader of the Styx because brave Uncle Tam killed her father so the boys could get away. At least they found Chester. The poor kid is probably so mad deep down, but he doesn’t know anything better to do than to keep following Will and his miniature, even though that is what got him into trouble in the first place. But his friend is all he has now. Dr. Burrows is still wandering around in the Deeps somewhere, lost as can be. Now the Coprolites seem to be the smart ones underground. They are so deep they will always be hidden. They are nice to those that they come in contact with because they feel lowly, even though they aren’t. This book is beginning to let me remember more, but I have to keep reading. Happy Reading!