I went to the midnight premiere and it was amazing. I loved the movie. Except for the fact that they left the end open for another and there won’t be. But I have loved Batman all of my life. I remember my shelf in my room when I was little had a bunch of different Batman’s lined up. I grew up on it because I though it was the best thing ever as compared to Barbie. Pink is yucky. But his movie really surprised me as far as the plot went. I had high expectations, and they were crushed, but met in another way. The movie is slow compared to the others, but it is fast paced as far as making you think about what is really going on. It was perfect in design, but not what I expected. Many probably went in with the same expectations I did. Don’t expect a lot, you will be amazed anyway. It was a great movie in every way and you feel satisfied at the end yet ready for more. Many would like it if they liked the first two in the trilogy. Bane was very scary and he played a good part. Catwoman was also amazing. She really filled her part well.  The only part that made me angry was that Alfred left. He was just so scared, but the end satisfied the loss. Go see it! It’s great! Happy Reading!