The whole family appears to have some sort of fascination with the underground world. They are all connected to it in a special way. Dr. Burrows had it the worst because he was always determined to document everything that he came across so he could communicate everything to the science world. He was a very determined man and just wanted to do as much research as possible. Will was attached to it because his real family was from the Colony, but it also explains his albino complexion. Chester is now connected to the Colony because he keeps being captured by them. Rebecca and her evil twin are Styx. Poor Mrs. Burrows is now connected because her entire family is now in the Colony somehow and they will be coming afer her next. The Colony can be very dangerous and controlling, so they really don’t know what they have gotten themselves into. The dangerous part of fascination is that it can get you into trouble. If you ever become too obsessed with something, it can come back and get you and you will regret it. Happy Reading!