The best part about this book is the digging. They find the best things ever as they dig around in their tunnels. Who ever would have imagined that they would have found a society under the ground. The Colony is made up of many scary people who include the Styx, but the Colonists themselves  can be pretty scary themselves. They don’t want to be discovered by the surface, although they do many dealings with the Topsoilers. Although these people live in constant fear that is given to them by the Styx, they don’t want to believe anything that they hear that is different from what they know. Cal is afraid to do anything that he has heard stories about.  He is a typical boy who has not been exposed to any real truth and is scared of what he doesn’t actually know. There have been many great discoveries made in history. The pyramids are probably one of the greatest. But Dr. Burrows was really onto something amazing. He knew that there was something there and he was going to go down in history for his find. It was an amazing discovery and it would greatly affect the future in a good or bad way. It could cause a war or it would be peaceful, but most likely the latter. Happy Reading!