Will and his father were very close from the very beginning. He was the only one that understood his obsession with digging and the excitement that came with it. At least Will was able to find a friend that somewhat shared the same interest. Good thing that Chester was a bit more apprehensive about everything. His caution offset Will’s constant yearning for adventure and want to push on. They were the perfect it would become their destiny to search for Master Burrows because no one else was. No one else had the ideas of where to look and what to look for. Will had the same instincts as his father and was able to easily follow him to where ever it was necessary. When his father didn’t appear to emerge from the cellar after many days, it was obvious to him that his shovel and digging suit didn’t walk off on its own. This connection was important in getting his father home safely and to follow him through the dense network of tunnels underground. The connection between the two is very important. It is a connection that is very important for any child as they are growing up. If a child is lacking this, they will always be missing something. They will either search for it in someone else or become something close to a monster. It is an obvious lack in a kid as they grow up that can never be made up and it is impossible for them to ever feel complete. That is why the early bond is essential. Happy Reading!