I started reading this book when there were two already. I will do these books individually because they are just so awesome. I also haven’t read them for a while and don’t remember what happened. I just got the fifth one and I will start the series over. I’m actually going to do it today. I know it’s weird for me to start writing about a book that I don’t have details about, but I will after today. I remember the secret society underground that wanted to take over the surface. The Coprolites were pretty cool, but it all began with a search for William’s father. There was a lot of digging and such. And there was Elliott. I love Elliott. The name, the girl, the attitude. She is what holds their little family together. She is awesome but she is a girl with her own emotions. She knows how to care for herself and she is just a tough girl with a bad past. I honestly don’t remember much else. I’ll start reading it today and have soemthing better to talk about tomorrow, I promise. Happy Reading!