This my favorite song ever. It was released on my birthday so I think it was meant to be in some way. The message behind it is just astounding. If only the world could really work that way. People need to worry about changing themselves before they can worry about changing everything around them. The world can be a very cruel place and some people do not understand what is really happening around them. Many are ignorant to the things that are in their surroundings. They never really know what is going on outside of their own life. That is what this song is trying to say. That people need to focus on what is really happening with themselves because if they change who they are inside them they can help others do the same. If everyone were to do this then the world would be a less cruel place. There is so much bad stuff that happens, and no one does anything about even though they all complain about it. They don’t do anything because they are so scared to step out of their own lives to help change another’s that they barely give anything a second thought. Michael Jackson understood how important this was, no matter how much people make fun of him or try to say things that aren’t true. He knew that the world could be a better place but that for a difference to be made, you need to start with yourself. Make that change. Happy Reading!