Is treasure hunting always as profitable as it seems. In this book, everything fell apart. But that is how it should have been for Lily’s sake. But Hollywood always makes treasure hunting look amazing with movies like National Treasure. But the truth is, it is never always that easy or profitable. Many have spent their entire lives hunting for gold or hidden chests full of gold, but they never find anything. Sure, there is treasure out there, but I believe you don’t go looking for it because you may never find it. I believe that if it was really meant to be, it will find you. But treasure also comes in many forms. Lily believed what she found was treasure, as did Uncle Max. Love can be a treasure. People can be a treasure. Closure can even be a treasure. My mother never found closure in my grandmother’s death. She felt that the nurses killed her, but she never did anything and never found the truth about it. Ideas can haunt people forever. The idea of the unknown future is what haunts me. I never want to do anything that may negatively affect my future and what I want to do with it. It would certainly destroy every plan and every idea that I ever had. But, you would never actually know. That is my problem. I worry about things that haven’t happened yet and how what I do now will affect it. I also fear what may never happen. Some say I’m smart to worry about what I do today, but sometimes I think it is a curse. To me, the greatest treasure is finding out what happens. I anticipate everything. My mother told me I was special. Sometimes it’s annoying knowing when the phone is going to ring and who it’s going to be. She said it was a treasure, and I’ve grown to agree. Happy Reading!