In many great movies or books we have seen the main characters fall in love during times of great tension and I can’t help but wonder, do they always live happily ever after. The truth is, probably not. Relationships like that never work out. With Vaz and Lily, it appeared to be different. They met under high pressure, but they grew together slowly and eventually knew what was really happening when all was said and done. It may have lasted for them. The problem with high pressure is that it creates a need or a drive for adrenaline that cannot exist constantly.  This is what causes the ultimate downfall. The excitement disappears and then there is nothing left. If however the circumstances are different, the relationship may have a better chance. My boyfriend and I have known each other for many years. Since kindergarten actually. We saw each other through the years and remained friends. One night I called him and it was all downhill from there. We’ve been together since sophomore year in highschool. We never even said anything to each other about dating, it just kind of happened. Like it was meant to be. My friends say it’s a real love story and his friends say that it finally happened but he found a good one. We are both happy, but there was never any pressure. My best friend has the pressure issue all the time. Her look doesn’t match her character so she is not always interested in what she does but is often forced. I tell her this, but she doesn’t listen to me, the one that has no experience because I have only ever been with one guy. Point is, pressure doesn’t work. Love needs to be based on something else entirely. Happy Reading!