Okay, I don’t know whether to believe in ghosts or not. I’ve seen a few, been followed by a few, but I still don’t know. I think that if they were 100% real, scientists would have said something. Encounters I’ve had were real enough, but it’s still not enough to convince me. Friends tell their stories, but they never seem quite real. Some of it is a little to weird to be true. Made up story is what I’m thinking. I watch ghost shows, and with modern technology, all of it could be fake. So I don’t know what to believe. Sometimes, I want it to be true for family reasons, other times I don’t because I scare easy. It’s a love-hate kind of thing. The ghosts that Lily had to put up with weren’t the greatest. They all had grudges, and they all seemed to take them out on the wrong person. But the feeling when you’re being watched and no one else is home, when your shoes are moved and you didn’t do it and again you’re home alone, and when you wake up at night to glowing balls of darkness is pretty scary. That is a brief summary of my experiences. I can never help but think about a house I lived in when I was little. A dark reddish stain on the ceiling, weird sounds and shapes moving around at night, and the people who lived there before had a daughter when they moved in and didn’t when they moved out. Creepy. My house now is where my shoes move and other things like that. I don’t like it, but I need to know the truth. Do they exist? Or is it just our imaginations? Happy Reading!