I absolutely love this book. Sorry for being gone for a few days, Fourth of July vacation. I have read this book so many times that it ripped in half last time. It’s about a girl who moves into a house and then discovers that it is haunted. But every haunting is for a reason. There is a mystery that needs to be solved. It is a classic book with the villains, the good guys, the romance, and the mystery. It even has the villain turned good guy (or girl). The ghosts are the best part. Laura Ruby takes chapters here and there to tell the story from the ghosts’ point of view, which also clarifies the strange happenings in the rest of the book. I read the book for years skipping these chapters, and honestly, some of it did not make sense. Now that I have read them and enjoy them, the story actually makes more sense and more pieces fall into place. It all comes together and there are no questions left at the end, but it is the perfect book. I’ve loved it from te time I picked it up at a school book fair. It’s an awesome read. I don’t care if it is 3rd grade level. It reminds of how simple things were as a child. It is one of my favorites and will be for a long time. Happy Reading!