So these men were all here for a reason. It could have been their own doing or a traumatic experience or something of that sort. But some of them seemed a little different. They could not have been technically crazy, like the Chief. Or even McMurphy. People may be called crazy, but they may not actually be that way. I’ve been told that because I had never had something or seen a movie or been somewhere that I belonged in an insane asylum, but what did I do? So what if i never ate sheep guts or have been to Hawaii. I have a thing about eating organs and I don’t like planes. Many people have these simple fears and get ridiculed for it, and it really hurts. People that haven’t heard of common things like Transformers or Frank Sinatra are the ones that I ask, “Where have you been all your life?” That makes no sense, but I’m passionate about those things, so I should know them and can’t exactly blame others for their lack of knowledge. There are many fine lines when you reach this realm, and it can be scary. I took a test that said I was a psychopath to a certain degree, but I believe that everyone has a little bit of crazy, insanity, or passion in them. Happy Reading!