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Now they are falling. But where are they falling to? Dr. Burrows was onto something right before he fell into the Pore. They were headed for the Garden of the Second Sun. Well, eventually. First they have some adventures down the Pore. But with the virus on the surface, no where is safe. The Rebecca twins are a scary and spiteful duo that are going  to make life horrible for Will and his companions. The loss of Drake will paralyze most of them but only for a short while. Elliot was the most effected but she hid it well. Will was terrified from his actions, but little do they know that they have no reason to be sad. Sarah also did the last good thing she could for her boys because she knew the truth. She did not die not knowing what really happened to Tam because her boys told her. With the loss of Cal, Will will be distraught for a while. It seems that he loses everyone around him and it is his fault, when it actually isn’t. Chester finally forgave him for reasons that he can’t understand, but the important part is that it is done. And then there’s Bartylby. What a good kitty. I personally can’t stand cats, but I think he would be cool to have around because he’s more like a dog than any cat I know. Happy Reading!


Maroon 5

I recently discovered that I really like these guys. They really have a lot of good songs now that I have listened to more of their music. They have good messages in most of their songs. They really keep me entertained with their music and crazy ideas for videos. But they really do a good job. A lot of people say that Adam Levine is cocky and thinks he’s a hot shot, but he really doesn’t. When he’s by himself, he’s one of the most humble people I have ever known. Their music makes me feel happy or sad. It can always fit my emotion, no matter what it is. I remember watching them on the Today Show and saying, I like these guys. Now whenever I’m bored, I go to YouTube and watch their channel. It keeps me company during the day. I really like their upbeat music because it makes me happy, and I like their slow music because I can compare most of the stories to my life. If I feel bad, I put them on and soon feel better. I love it! Happy Reading!

Hopelessly Lost

Will got lost in the lava tubes. What an idiot. Why would you keep going with your light on? I’m not mad that he kept going to avoid the Styx, but he kept his light on. They could see the light, so keep it off silly. He should have figured. But to be that lost and without supplies would be terrifying.  I can’t imagine being that lost. It would be terrifying as I can imagine. Just going into the house os mirrors and not being able to find my way through would give me a panic attack. He was thirsty and he was hungry, but he had nothing with him. It also shows how strong and determined he was about everything to be able to go on. At least he finally found Chester on the bank. It was at the last moment for him. But to be lost like that would be awful. I can’t imagine not being able to get through and be completely in the dark. That is when your imagine takes over and plays all sorts of tricks on you. There is nothing that can compare. The fear that would come with it would be unbearable, but Will did the right thing. He stayed calm for the most part and was always able to keep himself moving forward because he knew it was the only way that he would survive. Happy Reading!


This guy is really cool. He always seems to know what is going on around him. He is smart and knows  how to stay out of trouble. His story is very tragic though. Drake was a Topsoil scientist that was kidnapped by the Styx to help them create new items for the good of the Colony. He is the one that made the light orbs, so he is obviously a very smart man. Once they were through with him, he was banished. However, being such a clever person means that he ended up with the upper hand. Drake is the Uncle Tam of the Deeps. He is a savior and a genius that knows what to avoid from years of experience and help from others. He has many connections Topsoil and goes there often to hear word but never stays long enough to attract attention. He has developed many defense mechanisms to stay safe from the Styx and any other dangers he may encounter. Drake may not like having to help the biggest danger he’s come across and his best friend and his little brother through the Deeps now, but he is doing it because they are not unlike him and without him they will get themselves into trouble that they may not be able to get out of. They need him as much as he needs them to help him in his journey to find out what is really going on underground, and above. The five of them make an odd group, but most don’t need the others to function, just to work. But Drake is their leader, and without him, they may be lost, but only temporarily. Happy Reading!

Wow. These women both fight hard for what they have. They equally love their child, but they both the other has no right over them when they actually have equal. One bore him, and the other raised him. But to look at everything, they come up equal. Sarah is very sensitive to the environment, and with her mad fighting skills, she can get along pretty well. However, she is too easy to set off. She has trouble controlling her temper. Celia is very observant, and with her secret temper can usually fend for herself. But, she is a little oblivious to the important things around her. This leaves her vulnerable to outside influence. Overall, both women are good mothering candidates. Sarah would perhaps be a little more hostile and controlling of her young children. Celia would be a lot more lax and let her children do what they want. She never quite paid attention to her kids when they were growing up, but she was there. Sarah did leave Cal behind to save the oldest, but she did have to give him up. But if you think about she never actually left him. She was always there somewhere sometimes. But we’ll see who wins in the end….. Happy Reading!


The second book in the series lives up to its name. It’s an awesome read that opens new doors. I’m still in the process of rereading it, so if I get facts wrong, I apologize in advance. I do know that Sarah is finally on the move and is on the hunt for her rambunctious children who are running around underground. Will’s sister, “Rebecca,” is now the leader of the Styx because brave Uncle Tam killed her father so the boys could get away. At least they found Chester. The poor kid is probably so mad deep down, but he doesn’t know anything better to do than to keep following Will and his miniature, even though that is what got him into trouble in the first place. But his friend is all he has now. Dr. Burrows is still wandering around in the Deeps somewhere, lost as can be. Now the Coprolites seem to be the smart ones underground. They are so deep they will always be hidden. They are nice to those that they come in contact with because they feel lowly, even though they aren’t. This book is beginning to let me remember more, but I have to keep reading. Happy Reading!

The Dark Knight Rises

I went to the midnight premiere and it was amazing. I loved the movie. Except for the fact that they left the end open for another and there won’t be. But I have loved Batman all of my life. I remember my shelf in my room when I was little had a bunch of different Batman’s lined up. I grew up on it because I though it was the best thing ever as compared to Barbie. Pink is yucky. But his movie really surprised me as far as the plot went. I had high expectations, and they were crushed, but met in another way. The movie is slow compared to the others, but it is fast paced as far as making you think about what is really going on. It was perfect in design, but not what I expected. Many probably went in with the same expectations I did. Don’t expect a lot, you will be amazed anyway. It was a great movie in every way and you feel satisfied at the end yet ready for more. Many would like it if they liked the first two in the trilogy. Bane was very scary and he played a good part. Catwoman was also amazing. She really filled her part well.  The only part that made me angry was that Alfred left. He was just so scared, but the end satisfied the loss. Go see it! It’s great! Happy Reading!



The whole family appears to have some sort of fascination with the underground world. They are all connected to it in a special way. Dr. Burrows had it the worst because he was always determined to document everything that he came across so he could communicate everything to the science world. He was a very determined man and just wanted to do as much research as possible. Will was attached to it because his real family was from the Colony, but it also explains his albino complexion. Chester is now connected to the Colony because he keeps being captured by them. Rebecca and her evil twin are Styx. Poor Mrs. Burrows is now connected because her entire family is now in the Colony somehow and they will be coming afer her next. The Colony can be very dangerous and controlling, so they really don’t know what they have gotten themselves into. The dangerous part of fascination is that it can get you into trouble. If you ever become too obsessed with something, it can come back and get you and you will regret it. Happy Reading!

Archeological Finds

The best part about this book is the digging. They find the best things ever as they dig around in their tunnels. Who ever would have imagined that they would have found a society under the ground. The Colony is made up of many scary people who include the Styx, but the Colonists themselves  can be pretty scary themselves. They don’t want to be discovered by the surface, although they do many dealings with the Topsoilers. Although these people live in constant fear that is given to them by the Styx, they don’t want to believe anything that they hear that is different from what they know. Cal is afraid to do anything that he has heard stories about.  He is a typical boy who has not been exposed to any real truth and is scared of what he doesn’t actually know. There have been many great discoveries made in history. The pyramids are probably one of the greatest. But Dr. Burrows was really onto something amazing. He knew that there was something there and he was going to go down in history for his find. It was an amazing discovery and it would greatly affect the future in a good or bad way. It could cause a war or it would be peaceful, but most likely the latter. Happy Reading!


Father Connection

Will and his father were very close from the very beginning. He was the only one that understood his obsession with digging and the excitement that came with it. At least Will was able to find a friend that somewhat shared the same interest. Good thing that Chester was a bit more apprehensive about everything. His caution offset Will’s constant yearning for adventure and want to push on. They were the perfect it would become their destiny to search for Master Burrows because no one else was. No one else had the ideas of where to look and what to look for. Will had the same instincts as his father and was able to easily follow him to where ever it was necessary. When his father didn’t appear to emerge from the cellar after many days, it was obvious to him that his shovel and digging suit didn’t walk off on its own. This connection was important in getting his father home safely and to follow him through the dense network of tunnels underground. The connection between the two is very important. It is a connection that is very important for any child as they are growing up. If a child is lacking this, they will always be missing something. They will either search for it in someone else or become something close to a monster. It is an obvious lack in a kid as they grow up that can never be made up and it is impossible for them to ever feel complete. That is why the early bond is essential. Happy Reading!