He was smart not to ever say anything. He probably saved himself a lot of grief. It would have been dangerous if he had decided to just start talking out of nowhere. He is my favorite character for sure. He has a good personality, even if only McMurphy is the only one that really knows about it. To not talk can be a blessing. Every year, for the first week of school, I never said anything except maybe to teachers. I was watching people and passing judgement over who to avoid and who to hang out with and who to watch. Observation is the best sense that humans have. It uses all 5 senses and you have to put everything together for a conclusion. It’s like meditation to me. That’s how I never got in trouble, I was just bullied beyond all reason. That for which I still have no explanation…. But watching is awesome because you learn so much. Chief Bromden knew everything about McMurphy and trusted him enough to talk to him. Even if it was an accident, he had to trust him because otherwise it never would have happened. That’s what I think at least. Happy Reading!