She always seemed to have something against the patients, but no one ever knew why. She’s just a mean and bitter old women and no one likes her. McMurphy certainly got the best of her at one point in time, but he paid for it with his life. She was so mean to everyone and never had a good reason. Whenever my Grandma was hospitalized, we would make bets about her nurses because she had Kaiser. It was a way to make her laugh. Will this one be a Nurse Ratched you think? It was an entertaining little game that we played and she liked it so even if it seemed mean, it was worth it for her. The grudge that she against McMurphy was the biggest mystery of all. I think was absolutely normal and spying to have a way to shut them down. At least that is what my mom told me. But I really don’t know. The book paints him as an intelligent crazy person while the movie makes him look like a spy. But we will never know if it was just a director’s move or if it was true. Happy Reading!