Wow! There’s a book!  I’ve been watching the movie over and over again for years and never knew it was a book until now. I started two days ago and I love it so far. It’s kind of disappointing to read a book where you know how it will end, but at least I won’t cry this time. I was surprised that it was written from the Indian’s point of view, but I suppose that it is fitting. He is awesome, but I know how he feels. I can go a couple of days without talking to anyone and feel like I wasn’t missed. It’s a sad feeling, so I read a book and feel better or blast some music that describes how I feel and get over it. But this book is awesome! My mom and I always made jokes about Nurse Ratched. They were always funny jokes, but they were perfectly fitting. She was so mean to them with no reason, but I just got to part 4 so I have to finish it today, and I will. I’m excited. Happy Reading!