Scary things they are. I’ve had only two in my life. One when I was little and one right now. I wake up crying and clinging to whatever I can because I’m trying to keep something that they are trying to take away from me. It’s all very scary and I just don’t know what to say about it. I feel like a child that needs comfort from a parent. I can’t even describe the feeling that it leaves me with when I wake up. My dreamcatcher has been there for me since the first reoccurring one, but now it’s not working and I don’t understand it. I had another one last night.  I want them to stop but I don’t know how. Sleep is now a scary place. When I was little, I got over it by staying awake all night to make sure it didn’t come true. But with this one it is impossible to do that. The first was in my house. This one is in a made up place. How do you get rid of one of these? I don’t know what to do. I have eczema around my eyes that is getting worse every night that this goes on. It needs to stop now. I talk as though this has been going on for weeks, but it’s only been three days and I can’t take it anymore. Happy Reading!