I’m proud of our soldiers who are brave enough to fight in any war, but I also feel bad for those who often come home a different person. It tears families apart because they cannot cope with the fact that the person is not the same. My cousin is a prime example. He’s actually to the point where he does not remember the good times in our family, he just remembers the war but especially his Humvee accident. It’s sad, but we can’t talk to him now because of his issues. He gets angry and violent. He’s a big guy too so it’s really scary. Eek. But it’s very sad and difficult for many families to deal with the loss. It may not be a real loss, but losing a piece of a person is bad enough sometimes. It’s like when my uncle got dementia. He didn’t really even remember his twin brother sometimes. It’s hard to deal with a person like that because you don’t want to scare them. My boyfriend’s aunt had a stroke and was remembering her father alive. They had to keep telling her that he was on the mantle and it especially hurt his wife. It was like reliving the death over and over again. If we could find a way to bring soldiers home and somehow clean their memories of the war, not take them away, just beautify them a bit, I think soldiers would be a little better to say the least. It’s too hard of a reality to cope with. Happy Reading!