The flag is a symbol of freedom and for many all they ever knew. The thirteen stripes for the thirteen original colonies and the fifty stars for our fifty states. It is an amazingly strong symbol for a country with so much behind us. Every war that we have been in we have done our best and tried to succeed and help as many in the process. I remember when I was little, I would stare at the flag when I was in class and it would pass my time because I could not grasp at why it was so pretty. When I was little I used to try to draw it but usually became inpatient and never had 50 stars. It was always more like 10. And about 5 stripes. Never right, but at least I tried. Some want to change it when we combine with Canada and Mexico? What kind of idea is that? Odd if you ask me. But our flag is pretty and I like it. If you can tell, I’m having trouble filling 4 days with this book, but I’m trying. Happy Reading!