War is a rough place. All of my grandfathers were in different wars. One in WWII, another in Vietnam. I know first hand what it’s like when they come back a different person, but luckily they have greatly improved. They now talk like normal people and can actually tell their war stories without breaking down into tears every few words. It was scary when they first came home, as my mother told me. I wasn’t born yet, which I find out is usually the case for everything. Grrr. . . But my grandfathers are okay now which makes me happy. Many of the men that came back from war are messed up badly even to this day. My cousin is fighting in Afghanistan and he literally thinks that he is invincible. He drives the hum-vees and was caught in an explosion once. He still has a piece of the vehicle in his head while everyone else died. My family has a long history in war. I’m actually related to a Civil War general that was a Confederate but switched sides when his wife became ill and the Union was the only place to treat her. Hopefully I will never have to go to war. Happy Reading!