Wow. This book was pretty. . . I don’t have a word for it. It was a love hate kind of thing. After a couple of chapters I had decided that I hated it, but by the end 9 hours later, I loved it except for the gore. Tim O’Brien really has a knack for writing incredible was stories. This particular one was based in the Vietnam War. The story itself was awesome, but I never expected to read it all in one day. I was going to read half and half, but I got halfway and couldn’t stop. Amazing description too. You can perfecctly imagine what he is talking about. I think my least favorite part was the animal torture. They had no reason to blow up the puppy or shoot the baby water buffalo until he couldn’t stand up anymore. Sorry to ruin anything, but maybe you want that kind of warning. There is also an entire chapter devoted to describing the first man he killed as he began to decompose. Definitely eat at the end of the book if you still have an appetite. Overall, it’s an amazing book. I would so recommend it to anyone that can handle what I’ve described because those are the worst parts. Okay, Maybe I sugar coated them, but that’s it. Awesome! Happy Reading!