Okay now. It’s a random day. This has got to be my favorite movie. I love the music, the story, everything about it. For Christmas a couple of years ago, my parents actually got me tickets to go see the Broadway production. I loved it. It was amazing. I love it especially when you go to watch something, and it appears so real and lifelike that you forget where you really are. That kind of feeling is awesome. Simba is my favorite, but it is so hard to find things with Simba! It’s frustrating. I look forward to a re-release because I know it becomes popular and common for a period of time. Last night, I was reading a book (how predictable) and I stopped reading to sing along with The Circle of Life. Awesome music. Elton John is certainly a genius. People don’t give him enough credit if you ask me. I think you all know I’m a Disney freak, so maybe that explains it, but The Lion King isn’t just a movie to me. I can’t really explain it. Everyone has a movie that they watch before a big game to pump them up. This is my pump up movie for life. It makes me happy. If I don’t have time for the movie at least once a month, I listen to the soundtrack that I finally invested in for $8 (actually I finally found it, no matter the price). Love it! A bloody book tomorrow, so stay tuned my friends! Happy Reading!