Okay, after today I can say bon voyage to this book. I can officially put it down for a long time. Or at least until I have to move it because it is in my way. It has been quite a trip, but I’m tired of the view from this stateroom. If I could, I would swab the deck with it. I didn’t get it, it made me cry, it took me 4 days to read. . . I have other things to do with my life! My next book is about Vietnam, but it’s fiction. I think I’ll like it, or at least I hope I will. It was a book that tested my will power in finishing and made me very angry at some points, realizing that 3 hours and 30 pages went by. That’s all I read in 3 hours? I had a lot of stern talks with myself. I have never started a book and been unable to finish, so I would not let this tiny book stand in my way! No sir! So I did it, and now I never have to do it again. Thank goodness. Overall, it wasn’t that bad, it was just getting used to the language and lapses in the plot to discuss off the wall topics. Maybe Melville was a little crazy or just overanalytical. But, he is still one of the greatest authors in American history. We’ll just let this one settle to the bottom of the sea for now. Happy Reading!