What on earth could they have made a play about for this book? How did anyone get enough from it to make a play? I’m so confused. To me, only the last 33 pages made any sense, so unless they added a lot to the plot or made a lot of inferences, a play should not exist. I’ve seen many plays. The Lion King, my absolute favorite, Wicked, I love the music, Billy Elliot, which left me confused. I cannot imagine and Herman Melville as a play. It’s like trying to light a fire in a monsoon. It doesn’t make any sense.Oh, and did I mention it’s an opera? Ahhhh! I can’t imagine any singing in a Melville based production, so I’m extremely baffled. I found this out yesterday while finding pictures. I was utterly confused. Has any seen it? Does it make sense to anybody else? Help me! Happy Reading!