This is the first book I didn’t like that I cried over. I know I said that yesterday, but I want to explain. When a book makes me cry, there was something sad about it. I got very attached to Billy in those last 33 pages I understood. That’s why it made me sad when he was convicted for something me didn’t actually do. Claggart is just a jerkface if you ask me, and yes Herman Melville I know you didn’t but I’m telling you anyway. Once I understood the plot, I was very angry. And then sad. It was like PMS. A rollercoaster. I left for a few minutes to eat a popsicle I was so sad. And it’s hot. Okay, now I’m just venting. But just bear with me, Billy made me sad. Then the Captain died muttering his name! Melville did a great job, but they should make a modern translation. That would be very helpful. I don’t know how I will make 4 days out of this book, but I will try and be thankful when it’s over. Two more days on this whale of a book. No pun intended, but it busy. Happy Reading!