Okay. If this book makes any sense to anyone, please help me. I was once told that it was like Moby Dick without the whale. Whoever said that had the right idea. Everyone remembers the 70 pages of that novel devoted to classifying whales. Billy Budd is the same except it explains Medival punishments? I was lost until the accusations. This was the first book that I didn’t understand that actually made me cry. Melville reminds me of Shakespeare; he kind of has a language all his own. He writes like an amazing scholar, but no one even talks like this anymore so it’s really hard to understand. It took the first 60 pages to get used to it to comprehend the last 33 pages. So frustrating. Overall, it wasn’t bad but I just wish that it was a bit easier to decipher. I told my friend that it was kind of like reading a book in Latin with a weak dictionary. Another first: I read a 93 page book in 4 days. Is it easier to understand my trouble now? That’s unheard of! Grr. . . If anyone can help me make sense of it I would really appreciate it. PLEASE HELP ME! Happy Reading!