Okay! It’s my random day! Four days on a book, then a day to unwind and make myself laugh. But what to talk about? I’m at a loss for words right now. . . Oh! I’ve got it! I’ll explain my obsession with penguins. Some of you may have been attacked by a penguin on your blog, meaning I visited it. I am goodbookdiscussion and Angel, in case any of you are lost. I think my love for the swimming birds started on a trip to the San Francisco Zoo. We stopped for a long time at the penguin exhibit. I couldn’t walk away from the cute little critters. On subsequent trips, the same thing happened. I mean, I love animals, and my favorite is the cheetah, but how many zoos have one? The only one I know of is Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, and that was eras ago. But penguins are everywhere. I got a penguin keychain when I finally realized my silly obsession. Last Christmas, my dad got me these little penguin figurines all in different hats, scarves, and positions. Adorable! And then my boyfriend made it worse. He’s a great guy that loves to make me laugh. He’s fond of those “When I grow up I wanna be a. . . ” jokes. When we first stared talking again after many years apart because of school changes early on in life, one of the first things he said to me was, “When I grow up I wanna be a. . . penguin! Quack, quack!” Okay I didn’t get it either, but it was funny. So if ever I need to laugh, he brings up penguins. People all have their thing. Mine is penguins and his is (I kid you not) rubber duckies. What a day in the life. Tomorrow I will be trying to decipher a book I just finished, and I need your help. If you have ever heard of Billy Budd or understand Herman Melville, PLEASE VISIT TOMORROW! I don’t get it at all. Happy Reading!