How many people wish that when they turned 16 they became perfect and remained that way for the rest of their lives? If only that’s how life really worked. Sixteen is such an awkward age. I just wanted to be with my boyfriend and get my driver’s permit. It is a time when most want to separate from their family and show that they are independent and don’t need anybody. However this is not true. This is a time when most also discover that they need their parents the most during this time. It’s a rough stage in life filled with hurtles and peer pressure that no one can handle on their own. Many think that friends are enough, but it is never enough, no matter close they are to them. Lexi needs her friend during her tough time, but her family proves to be good enough. They become her strength and that what we all need to understand. Family will be there forever and they can always find a way to help and solve problems and comfort in the greatest time of need. This is a concept left out of today’s society that is left behind in generations. No one thinks this way anymore. Maybe it can be revived. I surely hope so to save the human race in the future. Happy Reading!