I found this part of the series very confusing to say the very least. When I started I was totally for Mike because of how much frustration Kellan caused Lexi, but my friend told me to just keep reading and gave me one of her sly little smiles. I knew what that meant. Just like a typical girl, I would probably change my mind. And I did. But the problem was, what was the problem? What exactly happened to turn everyone’s world upside down? Even reading it again has cleared up nothing for me. It’s so confusing! Ahhh! But Cristin did a great job of showing how conflicted she was over trying to choose. She was completely beside herself. For those that haven’t read it, I won’t spoil it, but I’m glad in the end of book 3 with who she has chosen. There are many discussions between Kellan and Kai, but he just scares me. I don’t like him at all and no one can pay me to. But either Mike or Kellan are awesome guys for the most part. But who do you think she should have picked? I’m divided on this issue with many of my friends, but they can’t give me a reason why they would pick the other. Help me out, please? Happy Reading!