Yesterday when I was creating my post, I came across a book cover for part 4, Vamp Versus Vamp. I was so excited and I jumped on my kindle to the amazon store. . . but there was nothing. I was very confused so of course, to the Interweb! I actually found Cristin Lovell’s blog on wordpress where she explained the whole story. The book was supposed to come out in April, but she lost the USB containing a portion of the book. So it was like having to start all over so all the pieces went together. That would be devasting for an author. Many people are posting comment on her blog saying hurry up or how dare you lose it, but it wasn’t like she did it on purpose. I understand what she’s going through though. I once messed up my USB containing all of my music, and I am a big music lover. I was upset because it was my fault. A USB does not comfortably plug into an Internet cable jack on a laptop, so don’t try it. It actually leaves these stupid little grooves that make it useless keychain. Don’t try it at home folks, trust me. But there’s going to be a fourth book! I don’t really remember the last book because to meet my 9 hour deadline I had to read it in about an hour. I’m excited for it, but I will be more excited when I finish the series again. Tell me what you think. Happy Reading!