I noticed that in this book, the special bond between Lexi and Kellan started with his green eyes. She describes them as emeralds, and she notices that her mother has the same color (rare color, yes?). Lexi is pretty smart and begins adding things together, and she can’t really decide what is happening with her. . .  But the point is, green eyes seem very popular with authors and nonhuman subjects. The same type of thing occured in Beautiful Creatures, so it makes me wonder. Why do authors always pick green? I mean there is the smoky grey and the midnight black (like Patch!). There is the beauty associated blue eyes with blonde hair. And there is the classic brown. I personally have a brown mix. Light brown hair that depending upon the lighting that can be mistaken for blonde or red (don’t know where that came from!!) and milk chocolate brown eyes. Everybody in school always wished they had blue eyes and envied those that did, so when an author is writing, why is green so often picked? When I think of green I think of St. Patrick’s Day and Ireland. Not of any beautiful people. So what do you think? I am truly baffled by this. Help me! Happy Reading!