Well, this series is kind of about my least favorite topic, vampires. But not exactly. It’s more about a girl discovering where she came from, but she just happens to be part vampire. This is actually the series my friend made me borrow the kindle for. Only having 9 hours to read the three books, I didn’t get all the details so I’m reading them again. And of course, there is a boy. His name is Kellan, and he reminds me of Patch is several ways as far as the dark and handsome goes. I don’t know  if this series is available in regular print, although I am positive it is. i have only ever seen it on the kindle store, but then again I don’t scour that part of the bookstore. I would suggest it for people that enjoyed Hush, Hush because it encompasses the same ideas, but it’s also completely different. It’s just the type of book that will capture your attentin and keep you turning to see who will survive or what they will become to survive. If you are interested, the entire series (Diary of a Vampeen, Vamp yourself for War, Hit the Road Jack) is available on the kindle store for less than $10. It’s a good deal. But look into this series, it’s pretty awesome. I’m not expecting many to have heard of it, but it’s a good one that is still gaining popularity. Check it out! Happy Reading!