You have to say it like the little green men from Toy Story to get the full effect. Kin-dle. . .we are forever grateful! But seriously, I think I leaped into the 21st century in a month. Touchscreen phone, skinny laptop, Bluray player, and now this new fundangled kindle. It’s pretty cool. I didn’t really understand what it was until my best friend made me borrow it to read a series. I thought the little thing was pretty nifty, so I went and got my own, and honestly, I love it. But I have some advice. Wait a long time after the book was released to go look for it. I believe Hush, Hush is only $6, or something like that. Even the next two are $10, which is no comparison to the hardcover price. Yikes! And, most of America’s best literature is free. If you’ve never read the real Cinderella, it’s free on the kindle store. But I warn you, Disney sugar coats everything. The real story could be a horror story.  I know this post seems off the wall and off topic (books, kinda) A book tomorrow, I promise. Happy Reading!